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How can I get an address sign for my house?

Applications for address signs are available at the Fire Station in Mokelumne Hill, or online here >

How do I volunteer

Applications for membership in the Department are available at the Fire Station in Mokelumne Hill. Our address is 8160 Church St,, Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245

Who is the main contact for the Fire Department?

Email the Fire Chief at or by mail at the fire station, 8160 Church St., Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245. Our phone number is (209) 286-1389.

How many incidents did the District respond to in 2020 ? 263 total incidents. You can find the breakdown here:

VIew all 2020 incidents by type and reporting zone

Does the District charge for its services ?

The District is supported by property taxes and a voter-approved fee of $75.00 per improved parcel per year. The Board of Directors has recently approved a cost-recovery plan for expensed motor vehicle accidents and for aircraft landing 

Are any of the fire personnel paid or "career" firefighters ?

The Fire Chief is half-time and is paid $1700.00 per month. A station mechanic is paid $15.00 per hour and works 10 hours per week. All other personnel are volunteers.